Nurmes Machining and Supplies Ltd. began operations in 1979, founded by Martti and Vuokko Kähkönen.

Initially work was carried out in rented premises Nurmes Reindeer Village, where the company soon moved to its own premises in Nurmes Hyvärilä. The first non-family employees were hired.

Job in hand and eager to smile.
Vuokko and Martti Kähkönen
Working in my own company and no one knocking the nose, brings on a dance (1980)

Here we go… Director Kähkönen and initial stock. (1980)
A man and a lathe,
the company’s heart. (1980)
Oh, when it glitters! Radial drilling machine has acquired. (1980)
Ready to lift-off and happy owner Vilppula. (1982)
The whole family involved in the work of handing over: boys in the car, with Martti and Vuokko Kähkönen in front of the car. (1982)

In 1984, the company received the Nurmes Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the same year Martti began Kähkösen and “The Nun’s Oven-Jussi” extensive and fruitful cooperation. Since then, the oven plants have been designed and built with a number of stone machinery and good cooperation continues.

After father Martti’s retirement, the company continues with members of the family, Vuokko and the boys Mika and Marko. In addition to the family there are twelve employees, all skilled professionals in their work.

Johdossa Mika ja Marko
In the lead Mika ja Marko

Over time, the business has expanded from the original repair, welding and lathe machining to extensive subcontracting work in both domestic and abroad, supplying core saws.

In 1989, Nurmes Machining and Supplies Ltd received a Nurmes prize. The company has been rated AAA by credit rating since 2005.

In 2009, work began on the latest expansion of the production facilities, increased by 900m2, respectively. In 2010, the completed expansion of the production facilities with a total of 2500m2.

Also connected to the facility is an office equipment and spare parts shop that has its own important role in the company’s operations.


Kahvio ja tarvikemyymälä
Cafeteria and accessory stores